Agile Delivery Lead

Job Responsibilities:
• Able to communicate effectively with the Product Engineering team members and understand their needs and concerns.
• Remove impediments and identify help that is needed to help team members move forward.
• Facilitate ceremonies and have great conversations in building up team’s spirit and motivation
• To be a change agent for the Product Engineering Team
• Always on the lookout for better ways of working in running the ceremonies, use of toolings, and getting insights.
• Resourceful to team members in providing the teams knowledge and know-how of running Agile methodologies
• To ensure delivery is focused and productive
• Continuously improving the status quo of the team’s productivity and find creative ways to make things leaner.
• Understanding stakeholders’ asks and translating them into actionable items with the Product Engineering team.
• Always understand “what great looks like” for each team and delivery.
• Responsible for measuring team’s productivity and happiness.
• Facilitating ad-hoc requests and defect management between Business, Support, & Product Engineering teams.

• Understanding of the different roles and functionalities in an Agile team.
• A practitioner in at least one of the many Agile Methodologies, preferably in a Agile Delivery Lead or Scrum Master role.
• A good communicator and collaborator via verbal communication and online tools.
• Be able to facilitate ceremonies be it physically or remotely.
• A problem, conflict and impediments resolver.
• Understand how to manage expectations and stakeholders

Note: Interested Candidates can send CVs to:

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