Lead DevOps Engineer

Your mission if you choose to accept it, will be as follows:
● Lead and manage the cloud services infrastructure that support the organization’s platform on AWS to ensure its availability and reliability at 99.9%.
● Support an agile development process that includes CI/CD automation, and cloud environments for local, staging and production. Ensure code repos are secure and accounts for access are controlled.
● Develop the roadmap to migrate our predominantly AWS services to a cloud agnostic one and work with engineers and leaders to execute this plan.
● Develop a dashboard (using for example Prometheus and Gafana) for application level monitoring and alert (using Opsgenie). Exact tools can differ.
● Support outage handling policies so as to meet availability and reliability standards.
● Manage and rationalize the use of cloud services from a cost perspective, so that appropriate measures are in place to be alerted if costs increase and to continuously identify sources for reduction.
● Manage the overall platform’s access and security measures, through key and secret management tools (like HEQA or Vault), and ensure our VPNs are properly designed to reduce DDOS, man-in-the-middle and cybersecurity attacks.
● Work with the tech team to provide daily support for instance creation, deployment, cluster and container management, or other data storage and life cycle related operations.

● Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science/Engineering, with at least 2 years of hands-on experience as a DevOps engineer for a cloud services provider.

● Practical understanding of AWS or Google cloud infrastructure tools and services, preferably with certifications.
● Familiar with startup environments, able to multitask and extend support into new areas through self learning and inquiry.
● Excellent attitude and a team player personality; humble, hungry and smart.

Note: Interested Candidates can send CVs to: valerie.atkinson@vawso.com

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