Full Stack Developer


• Contribute to the entire app development lifecycle
• Develop functional and fast-responsive web applications.
• Elaborate mobile-based and web-based features
• Troubleshoot applications for bugs
• Fix bugs and improve general system usability
• Implement best practices to improve performance of system
• Able to build UI/UX elements from design mockups and integrate with backend
• Write development-related documentation if necessary.
• Develop high quality and reusable code that is easy to understand.
• Take the lead in developing certain modules.
• Guide junior developers when it comes to coding best practices and design patterns.

Required Skills:

• PHP, Laravel, HTML5, MySQL, CSS, Git
• Additional Advantage: Familiarity with VueJS, Ionic Framework, Mobile App Development
(Hybrid, iOS, Android), Social Media APIs, WordPress, Cloud Hosting (AWS, GCP,
• Knowledge of and proper experience with both front-end and back-end languages
• Experience using any CSS framework, especially Bootstrap.
• Ability to troubleshoot and debug front-end code in web browser.
• Understanding of SEO best practices
• Have knowledge or experience in writing unit tests and various quality assurance

Interested Candidates can send their Cvs to: valerie.atkinson@vawso.com

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