Lead Front End Developer (React.js)


● Work with the current React.js platform as well as explore other potential technologies when needed
● Integrate with REST APIs provided by the back end team and provide guidance for ideal data structure for the back end team to build during the planning phase
● Integrate with external systems/plugins/libraries
● Integrate user-facing elements designed by UI/UX Designer to the platform
● Write clean, maintainable and efficient code
● Build automated tests for the React.js platform
● Lead projects and serve as resources for the rest of the team
● Take ownership of the organization’s web front end. Be the subject matter expert, help guide processes and chart the course of the tech team
● Improve and modularise the tech team
● Interview, hire, manage, train and grow junior developers
● Supervise junior developers and code review their work before pushing to production
● Be able to work with cross-functional teams to define, design and develop new features
● Contribute in all phases of the development lifecycle
● Develop, maintain and enhance technical documentation
● Follow best practices (test-driven development, continuous integration, SCRUM, refactoring, code standards)
● Nurture and enforce best and appropriate technical practices
● Push for automation or efficient methods and tools to achieve technical excellence

● Drive continuous adoption and integration of relevant new technologies into design and overall architecture
● Influence our technology platform for the better and have views on how it can help grow the community better
● Consult experts when necessary

● At least 4 years of experience in web development
● At least 2 years of experience working with front end JavaScript libraries (React.js, Angular, Vue.js)
● At least 1 year of experience working with React.js
● Strong leadership and management skills
● Experience with managing, supervising and growing teams
● Experience with automated testing for front end systems
● Experience with architecting tech systems
● Experience with setting up deployment flows
● Experience with performance monitoring and improving performance on a code level
● Experience working with continuous integration and continuous deployment systems

Note: Interested Candidates can send their CVs to: valerie.atkinson@vawso.com

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