PHP Full Stack Developer

Full Stack PHP Developer Responsibilities:
Understand the primary concept and translate it into a complete product. These tasks involve the following:
• Contribute to the entire app lifecycle
• Develop functional and fast-responsive web applications, using markup languages
• Maintain websites
• Elaborate mobile-based and web-based features
• Troubleshoot apps for bugs
• Fix bugs if necessary and improve usability
• Improve apps for maximum speed
• Troubleshoot UI and improve its performance accordingly
• Employ the latest technology in order to re-built legacy apps
• Integrate UI elements with server-side ones
• Detect and fulfil front-end and back-end requirements
• Perform training and support activities
• Develop reusable code
• Collaborate with developers, designers, sys admins, and customers. Tailor web solutions to their needs and requirements
• Write comprehensive manuals, guides, and documents
• Compile prototype and quality mockups
• Make sure that script files and images are well optimized
• Stay consistent with company brand

Full stack PHP developer requirements:
• Bachelor’s degree in any related field.
• PHP, Laravel, Angular, HTML5, MySQL, Web Design, CSS3, Git
• Additional Advantage: Familiarity with VueJS, Ionic Framework, Mobile App Development (Hybrid, iOS, Android), Social Media APIs, WordPress, Cloud Hosting (AWS, GCP, DigitalOcean)
• Knowledge of and proper experience with both front-end and back-end languages
• Proper experience with CMS framework
• Ability to troubleshoot and debug browsers
• Understanding web development process, from A to Z
• Familiarity with layout requirements
• Understanding of SEO standards
• Quality assurance skills
• Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Suite, and content management software

Full Stack PHP Developer Key Soft Skills:
• Time management and analytical skills
• Ability to perform several tasks at the same time
• Ability to translate requirements into a finished project
• Communication skills to collaborate with clients and internal development teams
• Problem-solving ability

Note: Suitable Candidate can send Updated CVs to: valerie.atkinson@gmail.comOnly Candidates who are suitable will be contacted for a phone interview and so on.

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